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Role of Soft Landscape as a tool to Energy Efficient Design

A building requires a large amount of energy to function which includes   heating the building in winters and cooling in summers. As maximum time of human life is spend indoors, it is important to make the internal environment genuinely healthy living.From the beginning of the 20th century the architects and builders in India chose to depend upon artificial means to achieve thermal comfort for example construction of cavity under floor and blowing hot air in it. Increased uses of mechanical means have affected the well being of humans.

Natural elements of all kinds affect the climate. The natural elements can be helpful in order to control the effective climate or micro- climate more efficiently.So, we should know how to reduce a building reliance on fossil fuel derived high grade energy yet still provide comfort to the occupants.

The proposed study focuses on the creation of micro-climatic conditions through landscape design to achieve thermal comfort and save energy.



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